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Tips on getting set up

Step 1 
Get Official 

Foireann is the membership system used by the GAA. Click this link:  to sign up or log in and then register with NGFC. Choose the right membership and pay either through credit card or by bank transfer. If you want to pay by bank transfer you have to select ‘pay in club’ and then transfer the amount indicated to our bank account. Please note NGFC does not except cash.

Name   : IGSAG
IBAN     : NL40 ABNA 0112 2007 10
BIC        : ABNANL2A

Step 2:
Get informed

NGFC uses the app Spond to plan trainings and events. You can download this app and join our club by clicking this link:

Step 3:
Get Connected

Official information is shared in Spond, but the group chat is where the real fun happens! Join it to chat with teammates:

Step 4:
Get Discovering!

If you’re as excited about joining NGFC as we are to have you, check out our social media and O’Neills pages!

Nijmegen instagram

Our Club shop

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